St Benedict’s School Calendar

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2024 School Calendar

St Benedict’s follows the 3-term ISASA calendar

TERM 1 (56 days)

Start Wednesday 17 January
Close Thursday 11 April
Half Term Close Thursday 22 February (12h00)
Open Tuesday 27 February
Public Holidays Thursday 21 March (Human Rights Day)
  Friday 22 March (School Holiday)
  29 March – 1 April (Easter Weekend)

TERM 2 (62 Days)

Start Tuesday 7 May
Close Thursday 8 August
Half Term Close Friday 28 June (15h00)
Open Monday 8 July
Public Holidays Monday 17 June (School Holiday)

TERM 3 (63 Days)

Start Wednesday 4 September
Close Thursday 5 December
Half Term Close Thursday 24 October (12h00)
Open Tuesday 29 October
Public Holidays Monday 23 September (School Holiday)
Tuesday 24 September (Heritage Day)

IEB marking starts 6 December 2024 | Total 181 Days and 10 Saturdays

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