Welcome to our Old Boys!

As a school community, St Benedict’s College is blessed to form an integral part in the development of some of the most outstanding citizens locally and globally across all spheres of society

This platform is for our Alumni to look back on their tenure at Bennies, to celebrate successes, share news and updates, and connect with the Bennies network. The true measure of the success of any educational institution is not only in the academic achievements of its students, but also by the character of the students and alumni as they engage with the greater society.

Truly we see that Bennies boys today are Trailblazers tomorrow.

Veritas in Caritate!

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The journey of a Bennies boy does not end after he matriculates but he continues to embody the spirit of brotherhood, empathy towards others and being a light in the world. Join our St Benedict’s College Alumni WhatsApp Group for constant updates on what is happening around the grounds! Scan the QR code alongside to join.

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Our 2022 Homecoming Decade Reunion

St Benedict’s Old Boys

A Word From Some Of St Benedict’s Old Boys