Culture In The Junior Preparatory

Cultural activities are integrated into the daily school programme, as well as being offered as extra-mural activities. A concert, which is produced every two years, is always a highlight and every boy is involved. In Grade R a concert is produced each year. A cultural evening is held each year to showcase the various talents of our boys and the choir of over fifty boys performs at various festivals and school functions.

Music And Culture

All classes attend Music and Culture where activities include singing, percussion, movement and drama, and theme related art activities are also included in the programme.

Afternoon Culture Clubs

All boys are encouraged to join the afternoon Culture Clubs where Percussion, Recorder, Choir, Chess, Art, Brainiaks, Computers, Adventure & Nature are on offer.

Private Lessons

Karate, Speech, and Drama are also offered privately on the school premises.

To nurture your son’s musical abilities or to get them started in developing a love for music, a variety of music extra lessons are offered at Bennies.