College Life

2024 St Benedicts College Leaders

Leadership is one of the key attributes we strive to cultivate in our boys at St Benedict’s because every boy is a leader in his own right. While this is so, there is a need for boys who will lead sports and cultural teams as well as the school in line with the ethos and vision of St Benedict’s College. The School Chaplain, Fr Thabo Mothabi, blessed the 28 captains and leaders, admonishing them to show compassion and kindness as they lead and to adopt a servant leadership style.

Executive Leaders
  • Head Boy – Marciano Teixeira
  • Head of Boarding – Kayden Allies
  • Head of Religion – Christopher Rothmann
  • Head of Allard – Stefanos Michaelides
  • Head of Erasme – Cristiano Christodoulo
  • Head of Mazenod – Tapuwanashe Munganyi
  • Head of O’Leary – Declan Le Roux
  • Kayden Allies
  • Lathitha Buckland
  • Timothy Burnham
  • Cristiano Christodoulo
  • Jason Cutler
  • Nathan Gebremichael
  • Jamie Goncalves-Maluleka
  • Luka Hayworth
  • Niccolo Joseph
  • Matthew Joubert
  • Priyesh Lal Beharie
  • Declan Le Roux
  • Braeden Le Roux
  • Mihir Mangali
  • Stephanos Michaelides
  • Shaldon Moodley
  • Tapuwanashe Muganyi
  • Parth Patel
  • Tebogo Phukuile
  • Lex Pilling
  • Giacomo Riccardi
  • Christopher Rothmann
  • Byron Sikiotis
  • Marciano Teixeira
  • Monriqlon Thomas
  • Keanan Thomas
  • Dylan Topham
  • Thomas Wilkie