Assessments In The Preparatory School

Assessment in the Preparatory School is continuous. This implies that the semester’s assessment comprises of both class work and formal testing in the form of class tests, presentations, structured formal assessments and exam type assessments. Formal exams as a means of assessment are introduced at the end of semester one in Gr 6.

External Examination Programme

The Preparatory School participates in external examination programmes including the SATs (Shared Assessment) in Gr 7 and the IBTs (International Benchmark Tests) in Gr 6. The results from these assessments provide teachers with a means to improve teaching methodologies and provide a focus on which teachers can work, ensuring continued improvement of skills and results.


A two reporting system is followed. Reports are released digitally via the ADAM database at the end of each semester. A settling report is shared with parents just before half term of term one and parents are also invited to a “Meet and Greet” at around the same time. Parents are always welcome to set up times to meet with teachers at any stage prior to or after that particular afternoon.