Leaders in Bishop Grandin Boarding House

Bishop Grandin House opened in 2006 with 20 boarders. Here are the leaders who have lead the life in the boarding house since then.
Bishop Grandin House now caters for 95 boys.

2022 Mr B Vas
2021 Mr B Vas
2020 Mr T Craig
2019 Mr T Craig
2018 Mr T Craig
2017 Mr T Craig
2016 Mr T Craig
2015 Mr T Craig
2014​ Mr T Craig
2013 Mr T Craig
2012 Mr T Craig
2011 Mr T Craig
2010 Mr T Craig
2009 Mr T Craig
2008 Mr B Langton
2007 Mr B Langton
2006 Mr B Langton
2022 M. Mohau
2021 N. Khulu
2020 T. Mogotsi
2019 C. Monakali
2018 L. Hayward
2017 K. Matigimu
2016 K. Mundove
2015 A. Nweke
2014 N. Tarusenga
2013 P. Khitsane
2012 T. Treherne
2011 G. Ndaba
2010 O. Moiloa
2009 O. Moiloa
2008 S. Maloney
2007 W. Honey
2006 N. Mbele
2020 No Award
2019 L. Smargiasso
2018 L. Hayward
2017 D Breet
2016 K. Mundove
2015 S Paulo
2014 G. Louw
2013 K. Mokgohlwa
2012 C. Keeling
2011 V. Breet
2010 O. Moiloa
2009 B. Geoghegan
2021 D. Das
2020 No Award
2019 L. Smargiasso
2018 V.Paulo
2017 D.Breet
2016 G. Li
2015 M Nkosi
2014 L. Bezzi
2013 J. Fynn
2012 J. Pepper
2011 V. Breet
2010 O. Moiloa
2009 K. Thomson
2020 No Award
2019 C.Mukuka
2018 T.Phogole
2017 K. Matigimu
2016 S. Hlanguyo
2015 M Mafuma
2014 K. Tsotetsi
2013 I. Lesenyeho
2012 C. Keeling
2011 K. Hilton
2010 T. Koto
2009 O. Moiloa
2020 No Award
2019 S. Halana
2018 E.Gcwabe
2017 I. Maphotoma
2016 R.Campbell

History of Mentoring

The concept of mentoring has a long history, one that comes to us from Greek mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor was the teacher of Telemachus, the son of Odysseus. However, a Mentor was more than a teacher. Mentor was half-male and half-female and was wisdom personified. Bishop Grandin House has gone into a vertical mentoring system which we call our House Families. The boys are split evenly through four families across all five grades. Within these families the senior boys are able to form relationships with the younger boys in their families as they compete with each other against the other families in various activities throughout the year.

Empowering Pupils

Mentoring is the art of helping and empowering others to shape their learning behaviours. Effective mentoring is an influential factor in pupil success at school . Good mentoring empowers pupils by encouraging and supporting each pupil in successful achievement of goals, and adapting to the academic, religious, sporting and cultural norms of the school.

Ease the Transition to High School

Transition to high school is a challenging experience. New pupils benefit from the assistance of more experienced individuals. Mentors have the gratification of helping a fellow pupil and acquiring multiple skills for themselves.

Christian Principles

The practice of the Pupil Mentor program promotes the principles of the St Benedict’s College policy document as a Catholic School. Every evening all the boys gather together in front of the Blessed Sacrament to pray together as a family. Each boy will get the opportunity to lead the prayer session every term which enhances their relationship with God. Every Sunday the Boarding House travels to Malvern Parish to celebrate Holy Mass. This is great opportunity for boys to pray worship our Lord with other families.