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Grade 0 At St Benedict’s

Grade 0 is the key foundation year where your son will acquire the essential skills to prepare him for the formal learning environment of Grade 1. It is here that your son will gain confidence in a secure, happy and stimulating environment and foster a love of learning. He will enjoy a year filled with fun, friendship and discovery in a boy-friendly environment, setting the path for him to become a competent and compassionate young man and a life-long learner.

A great start at a great school

A Boy’s School

St Benedict’s strives to light the way for scholars to uniquely and independently reach their full potential and thrive in a God-centred community. A boys-only environment ensure that teaching is geared to the way that boys learn best, responding to their needs and harnessing potential.

Holistic Learning

Your son will be encouraged to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically as he develops the readiness required for grade 1. He will explore imaginative play, creativity and expression of ideas while learning to focus, persevere and develop thinking and perceptual skills.

The Active Curriculum

The ACTIVE curriculum is designed to develop 21st Century skills and will prepare your son for success at school and beyond. The academic programme is further enriched with classes in Music, Art, Technology, Religion and Physical Education provided by specialist teachers.

Affordable, first-class education

St Benedict’s keeps school fees as affordable as possible, while ensuring the boys receive a first-class education.We offer excellent facilities and highly successful academic and sporting programmes, at fees more affordable than comparable schools!

Take A Tour

Take our online, virtual tour of Grade 0.

Take A Tour

Take our online, virtual tour of Grade 0.