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Grade 00 at St Benedict’s

Our Grade 00 is a newly formed class where boys aged 4 turning 5 begin their journey as Bennies boys! At Grade 00 our aim is to make sure your son is optimally ready for Grade 0 in a happy, safe and loving environment. At St Benedict’s every child, from new boy to head boy, belongs! Should you wish to find out more or visit our Grade 00 class, please book a tour with us. You can also enrol online.

Get Your Son Optimally Ready For Grade 0

Daily Learning Plan

The daily learning plan includes a few formal work activities as well as a lot of playtime which is an integral part of their learning process in the ECD phase. Boys also engage in RE, music and hymn singing.

Support For Your Son

St Benedict’s offers an environment where the teachers work alongside you as the parent to support your son in all aspects of his schooling. There are many compelling reasons to choose Bennies, for your son’s foundational years.

Reasons to choose Bennies

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Early introduction to the St Benedict’s ethos
  • Nurturing, play-based environment
  • Enriched child-centred curriculum
  • Learn to swim programme with experienced swimming teachers
  • Affordable fee of R4000 per month
  • Maximum of 20 learners per class with 2 teachers per class


What our parents have to say.

“’ I felt great with the Gr 00 at Bennies. York enjoys it and he is really learning things from the school. He can tell me physically what he has been taught in school. Especially in religious areas. He enjoys it and never refuses going to school. ”

York's parents

“We would definitely recommend this class for anyone looking for a stimulating and caring learning environment for their son with focus on religion and a moral teaching environment. We were particularly impressed at the focus on public speaking at a young age as well as the importance placed on reading. I am glad that the children are not exposed to digital technology such as tablets which are enough of a problem with instant gratification at home.”

Andre's parents

“’Since starting Grade 00 at Bennies this year, our big guy has done nothing but praise his teachers and the things he learns on a daily basis. He comes home every day with a new song, a new rhyme a new story. He may be quiet at school but at home he is full of words at least 20 000 of them. Its been three weeks and already in the words of Josh he says his school is “JUST PEEEEERFECT!”— ”

Josh's parents

“We are so happy with our experience with the new grade 00 class so far. The new facility is so impressive and well organised. I love hearing the stories that come home with my son and all the new things he has learnt so far. Mieko loves going to school and doesn’t look too eager to leave when it’s pick up time, which shows us how much he enjoys his time with his teachers and classmates.”

Mieko's parents

“Our son has been so happy in the Grade 00 class at St Bennies so much so that he asks us on Sunday mornings if he is going to school and he wants to be dropped off first everyday. We are continually impressed with his progress and confidence from the first day of school. We couldn’t be any happier with our decision. A big thank you to the loving and caring staff. ”

Grade 00 parents
“Our son Flynn is absolutely in his element in the child and play centered learning environment provided by the Grade 00 teachers. He runs into school every morning and comes home with a massive smile across his face. We, as parents, love to see him so relaxed and excited about school. We are also enjoying all the feedback and photos from the teachers and feel that the communication with the parents is great. Thank you again for everything that you do for our boys.”
Flynn's parents

“Thank you St Benedict’s for Gr00. We did not know what to expect as it is the first year for this Grade, but we are so impressed with our experience so far. Blake absolutely loves going to school and loves Mrs Buntain and friends so much. He has settled so nicely already, he even asks to go to school on weekends. We are looking forward to what’s more to come.”

Blake's parents

“’Oscar has settled so well at Bennies and he looks forward to going to school, every day. The idea of being a Bennies Boy is something he takes a lot of pride in and talks about often. He loves his new teacher and the facilities are world-class.”

Oscar's parents

Grade 00 in the Junior Prep