We identified a need to optimise this offering to provide greater opportunities for boys to experience both cultural and sporting opportunities in addition to our academic curriculum.

We wanted to provide EVERY BOY with opportunities to be exposed to a variety of tailor made niche activities where they could discover their passion and experience success.

To achieve this we restructured the timetable to create dedicated time for boys to experience niche activities – a chance to expand their thinking and develop talent. Teachers took up the activities where they had a personal passion – as excited as the boys.We want the boys to be engaged and excited about learning, and we have geared the programme specifically to suit how boys learn best and let them experience success.

  • Boys enjoy hands on activities
  • They also love applying technology to create animations and programming –
  • And there are those are intrigues with Science – at JP & Prep level they love arriving kitted out in their safety goggles
  • Boys also enjoy a chance to express themselves creatively in music, drama, dance and art – this creative space leads to the ability to think creatively too – the path to innovative thinkers.

In the senior levels of the school it is an opportunity to focus on talent and passion discovery and introductory programmes to certain professions, trades and vocations. It is also an opportunity to give boys a foretaste of some of the subjects that are included in the various faculties at tertiary level.

Watch how the Niche programme is rolled out across the different sections of the school.