He shares about his Waterpolo journey leading up to his latest achievement, being signed with Salem University’s Waterpolo team in the USA. He was an exceptional Waterpolo player at St Benedict’s and was also selected for the Junior South African U18 team.



When did you start playing Waterpolo?

  • I started playing Water polo in grade 8 when I started at St Benedict’s College

How did you get introduced to the sport?

  • When I saw the basketball boys doing fitness training at the first integrated day in grade 8, I was convinced that there was no way I was doing that, so then the polo coach at the time came to me and told me that in Water polo there isn’t any fitness activities needed so my lazy self went to polo.

What did it take for you to get to represent South Africa and now be selected to a university in the US?

  • Coach Rob Ambler motivated me to always do better, because I have a talent & he constantly told me to stop being lazy. Not only that but consistent training & commitment to the sport.

How do you feel about this amazing achievement of being selected to play for a US university?

  • Firstly, it is quite overwhelming, simply because I am moving far away from home, new people and a new environment but I am excited and proud of myself because I have made my parents & the red and blue army proud.

What will you be studying there? 

  • I’ll be pursuing Business Administration in international business

What role has being at St Benedict’s played in your achievement?

  • St Benedict’s has played a crucial role in my polo career because I started playing Waterpolo when I came to St Benedict’s

What achievements are you most proud of in your life? 

  • Playing for South Africa, winning the Reef cup and last but not least being the sportsman of the year in 2020.

What are your future life ambitions?

  • Pursuing my career in business, starting a family and becoming a multi-millionaire.

Can you share some fun experiences you have had on your Waterpolo journey?

  • Winning the Reef cup against a very good school and spending quality time with the team and realising how much of a positive influence they were on me were some priceless moments

If you could give advice to any aspiring Waterpolo players, what would it be?

  • Dedicate your time to conditioning and mental fitness, those are the two things that worked for me.

Any final thoughts?

  • Stay blessed and enjoy your day