As is custom at St Benedict’s, our Heritage Day celebrations are actually a month long! We take the time to understand and celebrate the rich diversity that exists within our community.



Following on from last year where we learnt how to greet in one another’s languages, with a focus on the 11 South African official languages, this year we learnt how to say “hello” and “how are you” in many other languages including Amharic, Chinese, Chichewa and Polish. Taught by our boys and staff members, this was a clear recognition of the fact that our school is a melting pot of cultures in which lies our strength. Every boy can be his authentic self without fear; each boy truly belongs. In line with our theme for 2021 and a line from our school song, we “accept each is different, each plays his own game”.

A day before Heritage Day, boys and staff dressed up in clothing representing their or another’s culture and the Junior Preparatory boys had a braai, in true South African style.

This is truly a school for the family looking for a rich, diverse and holistic experience for their sons.

To learn along with us, click here for all the videos.