Body and Heart are the 2 pillars which are engaged the most in physical theatre. It is inspiring to watch our boys move their bodies with such grace.

Physical theatre is a type of theatre where the body becomes the primary means of communication. Where you would have words in theatre, song and lyric in opera; in physical theatre you have movement and gesture.

Physical theatre is a collaborative process where the director/choreographer works closely with the performer/creator in order to develop complex emotional narratives that are told by and through the body. This is not a style of theatre, but rather a way of thinking about making theatre; a theatre that:

  • Is Body-based,
  • Incorporates movement, mime, dance and gesture,
  • Exists on a continuum between theatre and dance,
  • Can move fluidly between movement, design, text and other theatrical elements.
  • Physical theatre is a vital tool for all performers as it brings the body and its performance and communicative presence to the fore. It requires not only physical expression and communication but also requires strength, stamina and control.

The incorporation of physical theatre into any performing arts curricula is vital in creating holistically expressive and emotionally empathetic performers.