A momentous occasion in the history of St Benedict’s, took place at our Matric Valedictory yesterday. The Magna Cum Laude Blazer was awarded to two of our matriculants, Thashil Mistry and Thando Tshabalala. What makes this so special one may ask?

The Magna Cum Laude Blazer has only ever been awarded twice since Mr Oosthuysen introduced it in 2011. Jedd Harris, our Headboy of 2011, and Tshepo Motaung, our Deputy Headboy of 2015 bear this honour. We are proud to award this blazer to two of our matriculants this year.

A Grade 12 boy may be nominated for a MAGNA CUM LAUDE BLAZER if he is a College Leader or is already the recipient of an Honours Blazer.

The recipient must show:

  • Exemplary conduct in all aspects of school life
  • A generosity of spirit, humility and unselfishness in College life
  • Uncompromised loyalty and dedication to the College and his peers
  • Exceptional qualities of integrity, leadership, responsibility and reliability

The nominee requires the majority approval of the Extra-Curricular Council, and approval of the College Management and the College Headmaster. Nominations for the award must be made in writing to the College Headmaster. The Magna Cum Laude Award is indicated by a black blazer and a gold badge. Please join us in congratulating Thashil Mistry and our Head boy for 2022, Thando Tshabalala.