Ububele - the spirit of Ubuntu

Ububele expresses the spirit of Ubuntu, generosity, community wellness and the spirit of togetherness. This is made possible by the spirit of generosity of all who contribute towards the initiative. We celebrate the success of all our boys who are supported through Ububele. May this initiative grow from strength to strength.


The St Benedict’s community is known as a cohesive body, spread over three sections, Junior Prep, Preparatory School and College. All relationships on campus are marked by a strong spirit of brotherhood, fostering inclusive engagements.

Social cohesion

Our boys are encouraged to be mindful of the needs of their brothers and the broader community. Ububele is one of the vehicles that is instrumental in promoting social cohesion within our school community.

Supporting boys in need

This initiative provides a platform where parents, boys and staff can contribute towards the well-being of boys in need of support. With Ububele we promote active participation through supporting boys in need to actively participate in all areas of the life of the school.