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Welcome from the Junior Preparatory Head

Welcome to St Benedict's Junior Prep. This is a vibrant part of the school where boys from Gr 00 to 3 are able to develop in a happy and nurturing environment. We are committed to excellence and a balanced approach which is achieved through the four pillars; Academics, Religion, Sport and Culture. Here, the boys are given opportunities to succeed, and build a positive self-concept and approach to learning.

Mrs Marion Mackinnon, Junior Preparatory Head

Mrs Marion MacKinnon - Junior Preparatory Head

The Junior Prep experience is a vital stage of learning as it lays the foundation for developing fundamental skills that are crucial to continued academic success.

An enriching boy-friendly environment is offered, supporting the specific learning styles and interests of boys, where they are active participants in lessons, thriving on variety and hands-on activities. A great emphasis is placed on cultivating a love of reading and our boys have become competent and well-motivated readers enjoying the extensive range of quality books available to them.

Christian principles and moral values are integrated into all aspects of school life from the classroom to the sports field, where attributes such as respect, manners and honesty are expected at all times. A multi-disciplinary approach is adopted where Technology, Physical Education, Music and Art and are included in the curriculum to ensure an all-round education; while the extra-mural programme includes both Sporting and Cultural activities, with the emphasis on participation, confidence building and skill development.

We are proud of our dedicated team of teachers who care about the well-being of each boy, and foster strong family-school relationships, and we place a high value on the involvement and support of our Parents enriching the St Benedict's community.



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