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Religion in the Junior Preparatory School

We are a proudly Catholic school and religion is a very important part of the boys’ daily program. The boys are encouraged to explore their faith and develop their relationship with God.


Celebrating with Our Own Chaplin

At our school, we are very blessed and honoured to have our own Chaplin, Fr. Thabo Mothiba (OMI). Having him around enables us to and the boys are able to have a chat with him whenever he has time available.

Building a Relationship with God

Our focus in R.E. is to develop boys spiritually and to encourage them to build a strong, healthy, loving relationship with God; as well as striving to become better people (through the Grace of God).

Developing our boys holistically

Religious Education is a fundamental building block in the development of our children and thus is one of the four pillars in our school. All our pillars are interlinked and interconnected and together they develop a boy holistically.


A Proudly Catholic School

Religious Education is incorporated into our daily lives:

  • We always start the day with a prayer and a short reflection, we pray before meals and at the end of the day. We look at bible stories and the lessons that can be learnt from them. Jesus taught us many lessons and these are often reinforced with the boys. We have discussions about the special feast days in the Church and what the real meaning behind them is.
  • We have a special time for each grade (Grade R - Grade 3) once a term with our school Chaplain, Fr Thabo Mothiba OMI, called a Chaplain’s Chat where he meets with the grade and they get a chance to interact, have a discussion and ask questions.
  • In Grade 3 the boys attend First Friday Mass monthly, attend a day retreat and are prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. This is a journey that Fr Thabo takes with our boys and their parents.
  • In May we celebrate Mary with a Mothers’ Day Mass and the Grade R boys participate in a May Crowning of Mary.
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